Za 2 September

StOp, sToP! (ESP / UK) + Foxy Venus (NL)

  • VVK € 12
  • Deur € 15
  • Zaterdag 2 September
  • 19:30 - 23:00
  • Sleaze Rock / Glam Rock

Dopen we september om tot Sleazetember of Sepglamber, we twijfelen nog. Feit is dat we op 2 september twee onvervalste Sleaze Rock/Glam Rock acts op ons podium mogen verwelkomen.

STOP STOP a three-piece band formed originally in 2009 in Barcelona, who went on the most Rock & Roll adventure you could think of. Founded by Jacob A.M. on bass and lead vocals, followed by Danny Spasov on drums and vocals, and, recently added to the line up, Dennis Felperlaan, on guitar and vocals. 
Not long after the release of their debut album “Unlimited” in 2011 and frustrated with the Spanish music scene, STOP STOP packed a van brought with savings they had, then headed for the shores of the U.K. to play their trade and create their own story!

With UK shows taking place every weekend, tours throughout Europe. Performing International festivals such as  Rocklahoma (U.S.A) , The Ice Rock Festival (Switzerland), SleazeFest (Germany), HEAT Festival (Germany), The Godney Gathering (U.K.) and Hard Rock Hell (U.K.).

In 2019 single ‘‘The Last Call’ from the bands 4th album ‘Get Selfied made it onto the turntables of National Radio Stations ‘Planet Rock’/’Kerrang’/’BBC Radio.’ With an ever growing fanbase, this crazy train is not about to STOP!

During the lockdown in 2020, forced to stay home and with loads of spare time, the band managed to write and record a brand new album, “Low Cost Life” was released in May 2021 but they couldn’t go on tour until late 2021. The tour is currently still going now with a change in the line up. For personal reasons, former guitarrist Vega left the band and shortly after his departure, Dennis jumped on board.

After the successful first leg of the “Low Cost Life” tour, playing international festivals such as “Stonedead” in the U.K. or “Monsters of Rock Cruise” in the U.SA., the band played a very succesfull tour in Europe in 2022.

Foxy venus consists of five enthusiastic rock fans who decided to start their own 80s inspired glam rock band. When you love 80s fashion, 80s music and play an instrument, starting your own band seems like the most logical thing to do, right? They love nothing more than to get on stage and rock as hard as they can to make sure you have a night you can never forget. Foxy Venus takes you back to the 80s and and intends to revive glam rock!

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Aanvang: 19:30 uur
Entree: vvk €12,00 (incl. service kosten) // Deur €15,00

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▶ Astrant . Kuiperplein 31 . Ede Centrum
▶ Auto: Gratis parkeren voor de deur
▶ OV ▾
Station: Ede – Wageningen > Lopen (20 min)/Bus/Trein
Station: Ede – Centrum> 2 minuten lopen 


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