Easter Blackfest MMXX

Saturday 03 April
  • VVK € 10,00
  • Deur € 13,00
  • Saturday 03 April
  • Aanvang: 19:30 uur
  • Show: 19:30 - 00:00
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Nusquama
  • Verwoed
  • Doodswens
  • Shagor

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De vorst is uit de grond, de dagen worden langer, kille kou maakt ruimte voor warmere tijden. De Veluwe bloeit langzaam op.
Geldersch Hel heeft vorig jaar voor het eerste de lente in geweid, dit jaar pakken we weer 4 aanstormende bands uit de Nederlandse scene om dit seizoen te vieren.

De frost has thawed, the days are getting longer and the freezing cold makes room for warmer times. De Veluwe starts to bloom again. Geldersch Hel celebrated the coming of spring for the first time last year, this year we again unite 4 rising bands from the Dutch scene to celebrate this season.

Aanvang: 19:30
Entree: VVK – €10,00 (incl. service)
DEUR – €13,-

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With their first release in March 2019 and first live manifestation at Road Burn Festival in April 2019 this new apparition on the firmament of Dutch Black Metal is a fact.
Nusquama offers a clear and purposeful performance on their first effort. The bands’ name is derived from Latin and was initially used by Thomas More to refer to the necessity and impossibility of a hopeful alternative. Further thematic inspiration is drawn from the pre-romantic poetry of Elizabeth Maria Post.
Nusquama delivers a style of black metal that will be evident to those who are familiar with the musicians making up the band: N. and S. from Laster and Northward provide bass and guitar melodies, while M. of Fluisteraars delivers the foundational drum patterns. Finally, T. and O. from Turia complete the lineup with vocals and guitars respectively.

Link: https://nusquama.bandcamp.com/

Hailing from Utrecht, Erik B started the ‘Verwoed’ project in approx 2015 under it’s current name and has been keenly expanding its works ever since. Last year it’s latest devil ‘De Val’ was released unto the dark soil of the Dutch black metal scene and was well received, some songs were already layed bare to the crowds of the infamous Road Burn Festival in 2018, prior to its release.
Verwoeds philosophy: An ode to mankind’s struggle for knowledge and truth in the mundane planes that we inhabit and finding revelation in the destruction of our flesh and hearts.

Link: https://verwoed.bandcamp.com/

Starting in 2017 the two-piece from Eindhoven released their first demo in 2019 Fraukje van Burg (vocals and guitar) and Inge van der Zon (drums). Without the intention of ever becoming a real band, they started putting their feelings into their music together and suddenly: Doodswens was born. Inspired by the rawness of the ‘90s, Doodswens blends oldschool black metal with an atmospheric wall of sound and lyrics that translate from their own perception of emotions. With full intention and passion they bring their music alive on stage. In 2019 they also played Road Burn Festival at the Ladybird Skatepark stage.

Link: https://doodswensband.bandcamp.com/releases

Verwekt in 2018 en tot wasdom komend in 2020. Overdonderend doch hypnotiserend, schurend doch bedwelmend, atmosferisch doch dissonant: een enkel label zou Shagor tekort doen. Opererend uit midden Nederland stort Shagor een oorverdovende stilte en een heilzame leegte over de luisteraar.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ShagorBlackMetal/

Merchandise stands:
– Doc Holliday Distro: https://www.dochollidaymetalproductions.nl/
– Sjors Rot: https://www.facebook.com/sjors.grind
– Boneyard Kustom Bone Art: https://www.facebook.com/boneyardkustomart/

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▶ Poppodium Ede . Kuiperplein 31 . Ede Centrum

▶ Auto: Gratis parkeren voor de deur
▶ OV ▾
Station: Ede – Wageningen > Lopen (20 min) – Bus/Trein (2min)
Station: Ede – Centrum> 2 min lopen/walk

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